dilluns, 8 de juny de 2020


Tercer B


8116  APTE (70%)
7451  APTE (68,6%)
8121  NO APTE (53,4%)
8157 NO APTE (34,4%)
8117  NO APTE (60,7%)
6185  APTE (67,3%)

Tercer C

7689  APTE  (69,4%)
7410 APTE (68,9%)
7705 NO APTE (52,1%)
8137 APTE (66%)

divendres, 29 de maig de 2020

Classe tercer de 6h 30' a 9h (dilluns i dimecres)


7674 Apte
7689 No apte
8125 Apte
5135 Apte
7694 Apte
8112 No apte
7176 Apte
7410 No apte
7668 Apte
7705 No apte
7165 Apte
8126 No apte
7749 Apte
8137 No apte
7772 Apte
7704 Apte
8127 Apte
8128 Apte
7688 Apte
7691 No apte
7713 Apte
7153 Apte
Classe de tercer de 4h a 6h 30' (dilluns i dimecres)


8120  Apte
8116  No apte
2134  Apte
7786  Apte
7781  Apte
7284  No apte
7729  No apte
7451  No apte
7730  No apte
8124  Apte
8121  No apte
7682  Apte
7673  Apte
8157  No apte
8123  Apte
7671  No apte
7376  Apte
7680  Apte
7954  Apte
8117  No apte
8119  Apte
6185  No apte
4852  Apte
8118  Apte

dimecres, 27 de maig de 2020


What sport do you do?

How often do you do sport?

Have you ever won a cup or a trophy?

Have you ever been injured doing sport?

How many hours do you spend a week watching sport on TV, or following sports team?

What's the most exciting sports event you have been to?

Do you think there are good sports facilities in Reus?

Do you think physical education should be optional or compulsory at school?

Do you think there is too much or not enough sport on TV?

dimarts, 26 de maig de 2020


I am afraid today there are no conversation classes. Last week was the last session.

dilluns, 25 de maig de 2020

Five advanced students of English are giving tips which have helped them to learn. 

1. Change the language to English on all the devices you have, for example on your mobile, or computer, or tablet.

2. Do things that you enjoy, but in English.

3. Try to find and English-speaking boyfriend or girlfriend.

4. Get a language learning app for your phone.

5. Book yourself a holiday in an English-speaking country.

Do you already do any of these things?
Which do you think is the best tip?
Which tip could you easily put into practice?
What other things do you do to improve your English outside the class (visit chat websites, listen to audio books, ...)?

Read the questionnaire. What do you think? Mark each thing: good manners, bad manners or not important.

When greeting people...

  • use more formal language when speaking to an older person.
  • kiss somebody on both cheeks when you meet them for the first time.

Men and women -a man should ...

  • pay for the meal on a first date.
  • hold the door open for a woman, or wait for her to go through the door first.
  • accompany a woman home.

When you are invited to somebody's house for a meal ...

  • take a present.
  • take your shoes off when you arrive.
  • criticize the food (if it's too cold, salty, etc)
  • send a message the next day to say thank you.

When you're having a meal with friends in a restaurant ...

  • complain that the food isn't very good.
  • insist on only paying for exactly what you ate or drank when the bill is being divided up.
  • be very affectionate with your partner.

On social networking sites ...

  • post a photo or video clip of a friend without asking their permission.
  • make a negative comment about somebody's photo.
  • post a private message or conversation.

English File (inter) pag. 63